Monday, August 11, 2008

Magic Marker Monday: Ducky & Families

I just had to share this picture from Little Bitty, he drew it this weekend and it is the FIRST picture that he's ever told me what it was! I was admiring it and he said, "ducky, qua-quat." Of course I was so impressed that he had a specific thing in mind and could communicate it to me, and sure enough, it is a pretty decent likeness of a duck :) . You can see the yellow body and the orange beak. :)

"Ducky" by Little Bitty, 8/09/08

From Cuddlebug and Bearhug, here are a couple of early drawings they did of our family when they were 5 yrs old. Actually I think these were the first if I remember correctly.

"Family portrait" by Bearhug, 8/28/06

"Family portrait" by Cuddlebug, 8/28/06

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Shannon @ Gabi's World on August 11, 2008 at 11:03 AM said...

Isn't it great when they can tell you what they are drawing? And love the family portraits!

jollyholly on August 11, 2008 at 12:22 PM said...

Happy MMM! How exciting that you got to hear your little artist’s interpretation! We haven’t reached that stage yet; very happy for you!

Kari on August 11, 2008 at 2:14 PM said...

Oh these are so cute! I love the duck!! Those little people are too precious!

Trish on August 11, 2008 at 4:38 PM said...

Very nice ducky! And I love the family portraits - you can tell they were more into candids than posed shots. ;)

Bonnie on August 11, 2008 at 6:10 PM said...

Love the ducky!!! My son's first picture was a banana.

Childlife on August 11, 2008 at 11:04 PM said...

Adorable! :D I love how the middle person in Bearhug's portrait ended up with three arms! Your kiddos are so great with the use of color :)

Happy MMM!

Michelle @ 5MFSN

BoufMom9 on August 12, 2008 at 12:00 AM said...

OH! These are such cute drawings. Love the duck! How sweet!
And the family pics are just fantastic, esp. the hair-dos.


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