Social story - Airplane ride

When I took Cuddlebug and Bearhug for their first plane trip to visit their grandparents, I made a short "social story" book for each of them to help them know what to expect.

When I posted about it, I offered to send the .ppt file to anyone who wanted to adapt it for their own needs. I later posted it to google docs, as I was getting several requests and wanted to make it easier so I didn't miss anyone.

You can view and download the file here: Airplane Ride Social Story


Coming soon - photo pecs

When I get time (and restore my backed up files since our computer crashed and I still need to do that), I'll post the photo pecs I made for Bitty a while back in case those are helpful for anyone. It's just pictures of his favorite foods and other household items (cup, pull-up, ball, cat, etc.) but it's already formatted for easy printing.

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